Manufacturing Manpower


    Manufacturing Manpower

    A decade into the 21st century, the role of manufacturing in the global economy continues to evolve. Developing economies have continued to drive global growth in demand for manufactured goods. Globally, manufacturing output continues to grow- by about 2.7 % annually in advanced economies and 7.4% in large developing economies (between 2000 and 2007). Besides, in order to meet all need of people, it is increasingly expanded with diversity categories such as electronic industries, chemical industries, energy industries, textile industries, food and beverage industries, metalworking industries, plastic industries and so on. In addition, each year, as a result of being established a huge of manufacturing companies; this industry always requires a large of manpower for manufacturing jobs.

    Today, in Bangladesh, manpower staffing accounts for 61% of Bangladesh’s population. Bangladesh Labor force works for not only companies in Bangladesh but also companies in foreign. As a professionally International recruitment agency, Smart Manpower Solutions Ltd provides customers Bangladesh Labors and Technicians in manufacturing industry with many sectors:

    + Metalworking& Electronic

    + Textile & footwear

    + Food & Beverage

    + Machine Operator & Assembly.